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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  September 4, 2010 11:00pm-11:15pm EDT

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light but he is willing to fight. >> we are prepared to take this to federal court if needs be. >> he hired a lawyer who says like the bible the laws are open to interpretation. >> my client has a right to proclaim his biblical message in line with the variance criteria. and we believe that the zoning ordinance was not correctly applied in this case. >> reporter: the town says it could allow electronic message boards in the future but there is no sign of that yet. lauren green, fox news. the fight is far from over. the news edge at 11 starts right now. [ music ] >> this is fox 5's news edge at 11. >> you can say good-bye to earl. the tropical storm that was once a hurricane didn't deliver as promised. but earl caused power outages and now people are cleaning up the minor mess it left behind. earl scooted up the eastern
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seaboard from north carolina and posed the biggest threat to cape cod. it made landfall in canada and blamed for one death there. as fox's jennifer davis reports, people in cape cod are breathing a sigh of relief. >> cape cod did take hurricane earl seriously. but the storm was barely here before it was gone. and now folks say it's time to enjoy the last holiday weekend of the summer. >> billed as a lion, earl came to new england as more of a lamb, weakening to a tropical storm and allowing 3-month-old nathan kendall to sleep peacefully through the night. >> it was okay. >> reporter: with the storm approaching many held off on holiday plans, either heading out or hunkering down. with earl's grey skies turning as blue as these bridesmaid dresses this happy couple's worries went away with earl's departure from cape cod. >> sunny and gorgeous. the breeze is excellent. couldn't ask for anything better. >> very nice. >> were you worried yesterday? >> very. >> but, hey, there is nothing you can do. you just go with the cards
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dealt to you. >> bride, groom and wedding party ride off on blue water to their reception. while business owners and inn keepers see things pick back up on what is normally a lucrative weekend. one inn keeper said this was the strangest labour day weekend on record. >> we do have people coming in with last-minute reservations. we have never before had a labour day where we weren't totally booked. >> earl did cause some damage in the region in terms of power outages and flooding in low- lying areas along the coast. but officials say it was very minor. in cape cod, jennifer davis, fox news. >> so now that the storm has moved out of the u.s. and into canada, let's get a check on what it's doing there and what it has left behind for us here. genital got bart is here with that. >> it is post tropical. earl is losing the tropical characteristics as it moves over the waters of atlantic canada. let's look at the maps and show you what's happening with it. it still is producing tropical storm-like conditions for atlanta canada. still dealing with the rains as well as the strong winds. but it is starting to weaken.
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so that's at least good news. for us, things very much on the calmer side. ridge of high pressure is in control. and if you take a look at the national map you can see we've got the best of conditions are plenty of clear skies across the area. most of the precipitation is well to the north and to the south of us, as well as out to the northwest. we will have a look at what you can expect as we get into the holiday weekend coming up a little later. >> i can tell folks the 10:00 forecast it is worth sticking around. any time the weather affects your plans all you need is your laptop or your phone. unload the app for the iphone droid or blackberry. >> one man is recovering after being shot in the arm. it happened at a home on heatherton lane. investigators say an argument broke out between two groups of people. shots were fired. crime stoppers is offering a $1,000 reward to any arrests leading to an arrest.
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>> the police chief wants tougher immigration laws. back in august suspected drunk driver carlos hit and killed a none. he had two prior dui convictions and in the country illegally according to the police. he still received a federal work permit and drivers palestinians. the police chief wrote to the department of homeland security saying it is time to tough end up. the supervisors chair cory stewart says virginia can't count on the feds. >> i don't expect dhs to do anything. they have shown no inclination to enforce the nation's immigration laws. they have shown no inclination to deport criminal illegal alien who pose a public safety hazard. >> people with rational sane minds need to take a deep breath. we are all very, very hurt and sorry that this happened. but this is not an immigration issue. that was a drunk driving issue. >> the order of nuns spoke out after the crash and told me directly on a fox 5 newscast that this tragedy should not be a form for the immigration
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debate. virginia's dmv believes in ot this holiday weekend. they announced virginia's customer service centers will open tomorrow and on labour day. and there will also be extended hours next weekend to help process a backlog of license applications caused by a major computer glitch last week. photos taken of more than 4,000 customers could not be recovered after the malfunction so licences and ids could not be issued. a raging fire has destroyed a historic drive-in theater in oklahoma. the admiral twin drive in tulsa became famous after appearing in the 1983 classic movie the outsiders. the flames burned down the theater in less than 30 minutes. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. former british prime minister tony blair met by an angry crowd in ireland. he is in dublin to sign copies of his memoires. as he entered a bookstore some protestors held back by police barriers called him a war criminal. while others threw shoes and eggs at him.
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he says he is not sorry for his decision to go to war in iraq, but he is sad for the victims. he is donating all proceeds from the book to a charity for wounded troops. >> kara got the boot from idol after two seasons with the judge. and with ellen and simon gone, too, the big question is who will the next idol be but who is the next judge be? >> reporter: she entered the 8th season over ratings smash virtually unknown. kara diagardi faced criticism as the fourth judge when she joined "american idol." but she quickly proved her credibility and even showed off her fun side. [ music ] >> reporter: and now she follows in the footsteps of simon cowel who departed amid major fan fare in may. and ellen degenereings who announced in july she was leaving after only one season. >> the one and only my dear
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friend randy jackson. >> and still speculation as to whether or not randy jackson will be back. >> "american idol" needs randy jackson because he is one of the original "american idol" judges. his calm, cool, collected manner works well on "american idol." people love randy as a judge. >> jennifer low pose and stephen -- lopez and steven tyler are rumored to be the next judges. who will be sitting at the judge's table in january? >> jennifer lopez rumor has a lot of basis in reality. she has been on the show before. her manager works very closely with a lot of the artists. the steven tyler rumor is the most interesting one out of this whole thing. sort of came out of nowhere. handle really heard his name being thrown around during any of these preliminary stages. again, it's a great career move for stephen. >> idol producer nigel understands the speculation surrounding the show but wants the spotlight shifted back to where it should be, on the contestants. >> in truth we have got to get the focus back on the real talent which are the kids in
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that stadium and all around the country. >> idol fans will just have to wait and see. in new york, laura ingle fox news. >> not a whole lot of dancing on "american idol." that's not really what they are being judged on. >> but at thisevent that's what it's all about. we will explain what they doing. >> what they are doing. >> and gwen is coming back with the full forecast. see what maureen says next. 
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[ music ] >> well, not a bad start to the holiday weekend. guess what, it gets even better. take a look at the current temperatures right now. 72 degrees at national airport. 64 at baltimore. 65 degrees at dulles. plenty of clear skies. a nice ridge of high pressure responsible for that. that's what's going to continue. we will see plenty of sunshine. low dew points and that means no humidity to deal with. that ridge of high pressure will slide off the coast as we
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head into tomorrow. temperatures a little cooler than they have been for the holiday weekend but plenty of bright skies for you. if you are heading to the beaches, lots of sunshine there as well. temperatures into the upper 70s and the low 80s pretty much everywhere. and we've got winds that will lighten up a little bit. pretty strong today but get a break in those winds. so here is a look at the five day forecast. right across the board holiday monday included. no shortage of sunshine for you. things start to warm up as we head through the later part of the week. by wednesday we will see 90 degrees and then back to the 80s again. will and maureen? >> thanks, gwen. nothing like getting together with a group of fun people. >> put together the hockeyy pokey. >> look, you are ruining my prompter. >> you get a new world record, more than 7,000 people shook it all about in coldville iowa to get into the guinness book for the biggest hockeyy pokey dance ever. they beat the record by 2500
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people. >> i know people at home right now saying speaking of hockeyy. >> we like to keep it real. >> busy in the world of sports right now but the red skins are stealing the show. >> lindsay murphy with a look ahead on sports extras. >> the washington, orioles and dc all in action today but the red skins keeping everybody on hold today. because it's cut day. and the final 58 player roster. who is in and out. on the sports extra. will and maureen, we've got the 411, stick around. >> thanks, lindsay. news and information 24/7 on is always on. >> now we can do the hockeyy pokey. >> left foot in, right foot out. take it out. 
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